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 ONECUP - Description

Infuse it – taste it – love it !
ONECUP paper filters from finum® are the next new, fun way to brew  your favorite cup of ground coffee. The tear-proof naturfine® paper is  compostable and neutral in taste. 1 scoop of ground coffee (10g) and hot water (>90°C). Steep it for about 3 minutes. Lift slowly with a slight inclination of the handle to allow dripping off at the seam. The filter mount is only included in the SET (please order separately).

ONECUP coffee filters are made from compostable naturfine® paper, which consists of 100% natural fibers and is FSC® certified. 

The infusion of the coffee allows a gentle extraction of the flavour carriers. Enjoy the full body and the fine nuances of your favourite coffee with the ONECUP  infusion.

You want it stronger, just steep it longer. Regular immersion brewing time is 3-4 minutes. A longer infusion time does not affect the good taste.
Just add the right amount for one cup of coffee, i.e. 10g per cup (HOT GLASS 200ml). Your Cup is larger? Just add more of your favorite ground coffee.

The quick and easy preparation is a pleasure for everyone – not just for baristas. And ONECUP allows you to include additional flavor to your coffee infusion, such as cane sugar from Colombia, chilli from Mexico or chicory from France.

Choosing the right coffee from your preferred roaster with the ideal grind remains up to you. We only deliver the ONECUP filter, but it’s a very good one.

The extensive packaging of capsules results in a material and carbon footprint which’s almost 5 times higher than for the packaging of filter coffee. The ONECUP coffee filters are small; we make them from compostable naturfine®️Paper and pack them in grass paper. Both, our filters and our boxes are FSC®️ certified. 

Electrical appliances consume energy and need to be cleaned afterwards. Skip that by using the ONECUP coffee filters everywhere you go.

Capsules and instant coffee go through far more packaging procedures than ground coffee. This also has an impact on costs. With ONECUP coffee filters you save on price, not on quality.

ONECUP at a time is good for you, good for nature, good from finum®️



  • first tear-proof compostable infusion filters for your favorite ground coffee
  • from compostable naturefine®️ paper, containing 100%  natural fibers
  • no pre-washing of the filter and no warm up (bloom) of the coffee needed
  • combined with the filter mount the ONECUP filters offer a wide opening for easy filling and ample room for the infusion
  • ideal also for loose-leaf tea