Finum® HORECA SYTEM includes a 250ml cup from molded glass and a permanent filter with a stainless-steel mesh in a long-lasting frame. The brewing basket provides enough room for the tea leaves to expand and develop their flavor. While gently steeping your tea, the lid prevents heat-loss and retains the aroma. When the brewing is finished the lid serves as a practical drip-off tray for the brewing basket.

Product Facts


  • molded glass
  • easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • filter made from tasteless PP plastic and micro-fine stainless steel mesh
  • hat prevents from heat-loss and serves as a handy drip-off tray for the brewing basket
  • ø glass: 85 mm upper edge
  • height glass: approx. 10,3 cm
  • height filter (without hat): 7,8 cm
  • inner diameter filter: 5,8 cm
  • outer diameter filter: 9,5 cm


  • 1 Set / Unit
  • 8 Units / Case
  • 256 Units / Palett
  • 4 Languages (DE, FR, EN, ES)