Cold Brew Coffee Filters-111

$6.99 $4.50

COLDBREW coffee filters bring out an incredibly balanced taste, every time. Discover the nutty and floral nuances of your coffee.

Take any 1-liter glass jug and the finum COLDBREW filter with its CLICK in order to prepare 1 liter of your favorite coffee. Stash it in the fridge for an easy coffee fix throughout several days.

Fill the COLDBREW filter (approx. 60-70g of your favorite ground coffee) and lock it with the Click, then attach it to the glass container and add 1 liter of cold water (water to coffee ratio 1:15). Then leave it overnight to infuse for 12 to 24 hours, according to desire. It will be ready to drink in your fridge and can be served whenever you feel it is the right moment to drink a deliciously balanced Cold Brew Coffee.

Furthermore you can warm up the Cold Brew Coffee in the microwave for a hot cup. It will still maintain its distinctive flavor.

The COLDBREW filters are compostable and go into the organic waste garbage can. Keep the stainless-steel CLICK for your next brew. Put a lid on the ready-to-drink coffee.