2 LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ spice grinders (white & black)60



The LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ grinders work for salt, pepper and spices. 

Winner of the INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD  and the GOOD DESIGN™ award, this grinder is so much more than what meets the eye: It includes a ceramic grinder mechanism with a calculated durability equal to 200 years usage in a normal household. The patented collecting pool makes it possible to gather the ground spices within and to consecutively sprinkle them on a precise spot. With its vertical and horizontal grinding capability, it may also prevent cooking vapor from entering the grinder mechanism. Salt, pepper and spices can be ground with no risk of oxidization or any other chemical reaction that would affect the aroma or the flavor.

Product Facts


  • 2 Spice Grinders in colors Black and White ( NOT transparent)
  • capacity of salt / pepper 80 – 100g / 2.8 – 3.5oz
  • ideal for salt, pepper and dry spices/ herbs
  • available in white, black, ruby red, apple green and black/clear
  • ceramic grinder with no side taste
  • fully adjustable coarseness of grinding
  • vertical / side grinding
  • patented collecting pool