100 TEA FILTERS - Size (L) (unbleached)105



This tea filter can be used without a filter holder as the filling flap facilitates the removal of the filter after brewing. The convenient “filling flap” prevents the mess while filling in the tea.

The filter can also be sealed in the manner of a “tea bag” by folding the filling flap and closing it with any filter holder, e.g. piercing the filter with the Filter Stick. The finum® Filter Stick rests across any standard cup or can be dipped into a teapot and placed with the pointed end up to be pulled out of the pot after brewing.

The finum® disposable tea filters come in various sizes – perfect for any cup or large pot.


Product Facts


  • with easy-fill flap
  • pleated bottom
  • biodegradable
  • chlorine-free bleached or unbleached
  • ideal for pots


  • 100 filters / box
  • 12 boxes/ Tray / Filters bleached
  • 24 boxes / master carton / Filters bleached or unbleached
  • 1.920 boxes / pallet
  • 3 languages (EN, DE, FR)