FINUM is the brand of R&H, the German filter manufacturer, and its fully owned US subsidiary FINUM NORTH AMERICA CORP.(NJ)  The company's Online Store is operated by EJH Distributors, LLC from Milford (MI) 

R&H stands for “Riensch & Held GmbH & Co. KG”, which has been around for over 170 years. For the last 30 years filter components have been the company's key offer to the market and for the last 16 years FINUM has been the company's lead brand and the long term project of the managing partner Christian Justus. The extensive line of high quality accessories for tea, coffee and spices is being seen and heard from internationally. As an OEM manufacturer finum also produces many high quality Brewing Baskets and Water Filters under other companies’ worldwide renowned brands such as KEURIG and STARBUCKS.

The FINUM range of products includes the world's most requested biodegradable paper filters as well as permanent filters for coffee, tea and spices. Undoubtedly FINUM's disposable paper filters are worldwide unmatched. FINUM’s revolutionary invention, however, is its award winning TEA CONTROL™ series, winner of the RED DOT Award and GOOD DESIGN™ 2010 These patented non-electric tea makers include a brew-stop filter. A simple turn of the Tea Control’s lid will balance the taste and can avoid a bitter side taste. This works with loose teas and tea bags alike, resulting in clear, delicious tea made to personal taste.

With this combination of quality and convenience, it is not difficult to see why FINUM appeals to consumers all over the world. It’s slogan “…do yourself a flavor!” reflects FINUM’s philosophy around gourmet tea, coffee and spices.