The Top Holder can be used for standard filters without flap. The tiny hooks guarantee a perfect fit and prevent the filter from sliding off. The wide opening makes it easy to fill with tea or coffee perfectly. With the M and XL paper filters you can even make COLD BREW COFFEE.

Used with the finum® paper filters size M and XL, you can prepare a cold brew coffee with lower acidity and more nuanced taste. When kept refrigerated it stays fresh and tasty for up to 2 weeks.

Product Facts


  • made from robust and food safe POM plastic
  • particularly suitable for cups, mugs etc. with an opening of approx. 6 to 9 cm
  • tiny hooks to hold the filter
  • wide opening for easy filling
  • length: 18.5 cm
  • length of handle: 10 cm


  • 75 holders bulk packed / master carton
  • 55 master cartons (4.125 holders) / pallet